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4 Kick-Ass movies of Bruce Lee you should watch before you die.

For all the millennials who don’t know BruceLee, Bruce Lee is the ‘God’ of martial artists. These are not our words, the same has been acknowledged by multiple people including Jackie Chan.  If you haven’t watched his movies or don’t know him, then you really missed the big thunder. We request you to watch these classics and you can thank us later. Unfortunately Bruce Lee died at a very young age(32), if not we would have a truly global ‘Hero’ who could have kick ass’ed these Hollywood stars. We are listing the unforgettable and classic movies which you should watch of Bruce Lee. Worship God. 

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Enter the Dragon remains one of the greatest martial arts films ever made.  Bruce Lee plays as a top-notch fighter who travels to an island to compete with the best fighters from around the world. The film has little plot and not that great acting but it hit gold with its execution and pure action. Watch out for the fight sequences and brute force of Bruce Lee. In the movie, Bruce Lee Holds real cobra snake (albeit without the venomous poisonous glands) in the ‘Snake Grab’ scene and the snake kisses him twice.

Fist of Fury (1972)

You might have seen a lot of revenge tales  ‘ heroes fighting for revenge’, Fist of Fury might be the original and most loved ones.  Watch this movie to find out why Bruce Lee is considered legendary and how to use nunchucks.  Bruce Lee acts as a kung fu expert who single handedly  fights the tyrannical Japanese school responsible for the death of his beloved teacher. 

The Big Boss (1971)

We loathe the soapy serial Big Boss’ for destroying the classic movie title of “Bruce Lee”. For us there is only one Big Boss and that is Bruce Lee. The background score and the fear of ‘Bruce Lee’ in the eyes of the antagonist should give you spine chills. The fighting sequence where  Bruce Lee defends himself against the Boss’s dogs without touching them should give you goosebumps for sure, please consult a doctor 🙂 if not. And if there is an opportunity to watch it on a big screen, don’t miss it for anything.

The Way of the Dragon (1972)

You may have heard of Chuck Norris or seen his popular “memes’ or factoids.  Hold  your breath to see a ten minute marial battle where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fight each other, which is considered as one of the best fight scenes in the history of the martial arts genre. This action-comedy film was written,  co-produced and directed by Bruce Lee. This is Lee’s only complete directorial film and the last one released during his lifetime.

Please remember these movies came in the 1970’s and countless filmmakers might have copied these thrills and action sequences across different countries and languages. All in all, these movies are classics of all time. These sorts of flicks make life worth living. We are sure You’re going  to love them.

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