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4 movies that addressed fat-shaming

 ‘Thin is beautiful and in order to be confident, happy, successful and popular one must be thin’ – the following movies challenged this belief and addressed fat-shaming. The message they sent out was that your self-worth is not linked to your weight or the excess of it.

 1. Gippy – 2013

 Gippy was a relatable tale of an overweight teenager suddenly set upon my puberty and all the drama it entails. The warm glow of a first crush, insecurities about how one looks and being conscious of a changing body – all of this and the crumbling confidence of the extra weight. The plot did not promote losing weight to become more attractive as a go to solution.

2. Dum laga ke haisha – 2015

 The movie did not show the transition of an overweight woman into a skinny siren to win her man and live happily ever after which is the usual plot in such situations. It also did not use body shaming as a comic relief and the cine goers will be forever thankful for this.

3. Shaandar – 2015

 The most memorable bit about the movie had nothing to do with the lead actors but from a heartfelt performance by the lead actress’s sister. A young bride- to-be realizes she will never be good enough for her fat-shaming fiancé and refuses to let her self-worth be dictated by him anymore. The mandap scene where the plus sized bride calls off the wedding when she sees the derisive groom for who he is and realizes she deserves someone worthy of her.  

4. Fanney Khan – 2018

The plus size teenager faces trouble not just finding the right sized dress but also has her nose rubbed in the fact that it is the largest size available. Despite this, the new comer, Pihu Sand, goes on to choose the song ‘Sheela ki Jawani’ instead of a staid number by her namesake Lata. It was heartwarming to see her not being fat shamed by her own family. 

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