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7 Hindi Words and Phrases you should use more in your Relationship.

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Best Hindi Phrases for Relationships;

These are some readymade or common set of words or sentences that you can by-heart yourself. You can use them as-they-are for your partner to impress him/her under various situations;

1) Aap Mere Liye Bahut Aziz Hain.

English Version – You are very special to me!

2) Mere Dil Par Tumhara Naam Likha Hai.Words have more power than our Actions! Mostly, there are situations when we find it uneasy to express ourselves well in front of others or to our partners. In this case, the use of certain romantic words can make the bonds more beautiful between the two people. You should know some of such phrases or words used frequently in your general conversations with your partner, so you can make them feel good. After all, the Relationship becomes stronger only when both partners try their best to retain it forever. So, why not start it from here, if you haven’t till now! Below are some simple yet effective options to win the heart of your loved one;

English Version– Your Name is written on my Heart.

3) Aap Mujhe Ek Behtar Insaan Banne Ke Liye Prerit Karte Ho.

English Version– You always encourage me to be a better person.

4) Mujhe Tumse Bahut Zyada Prem Hai.

English Version– I Love you the Most!

5) Aap Hi Mere Sab Kuch Hain

English Version– You are My Everything!

6) Hum Ek Doosre Ke Liye Bane Hain

English Version– We are made for each other.

7) Mai Apna Pyar Tumhe Shabdon Se Samjha Nahi Sakta.

English Version– I can’t Express My Love towards you in Words.

Best Hindi Words for Relationships;

Sometimes you do not get the right word that you can use to address your partner to make him/her feel special for you. So here is a list of certain common romantic words that you need to use while conversing with your partner, most of the time;

1) Kalpana (Fantasy)

How to use it?

Hindi – Mai Aapko Apne Jeevan Saathi Ke Roop mein Hamesha Kalpana Karta/Karti Hoon.

English Version – I always dream about having you as my Spouse.

2) Jaaneman (Darling)

How to use it?

Hindi – Jaaneman, Aap Bahut Khoobsurat Lag Rahi/Rahe ho!

English Version – Darling, you are looking so beautiful.

3) Yaad (Miss)

How to use it?

Hindi –Mujhe tumhari bahut yaad aati hain…

English Version – I Miss you a Lot!

4) Khyaal (Care)

How to use it?

Hindi – Apna Khyaal Rakhna.

English Version – Take care of yourself

5) Jaanu (Sweetheart)

How to use it?

Hindi – Janu Aap Kahan Ho?

English Version – Where are you, Sweetheart?

6) Pyara/ri (Lovely)

How to use it?

Hindi – Mai Hamesha Aapka/ki Pyara/ri Saathi Rahoonga/gi

English Version – I will always be your Lovely Partner.

7) Prarthana (Prayer)

How to use it?

Hindi – Mai Tumhare Liye Prarthana Karoonga/gi

English Version – I will pray for you.

By using the above Words and Phrases you can surely nourish your relationship with your partner. Go ahead and shower your love and express your feelings to your partners!

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