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How to convince your Parents not to Force you for an Arranged Marriage?

‘Love vs Arranged Marriage’ is always a topic of debate and it always will be! Yet it all depends on our point of view or mentality to consider the things around us. By the way, both the Love and Arranged Marriages have their Positivities and Downsides.

Indian Parents generally prefer arranged ones. In this case, they can completely or carefully analyze the details of the Bride/Groom for their Boy/Girl before finalizing the relationship.

The thought process also varies a lot between the two generations. It can be due to the advancements in our living and the growing adoption of western culture with time. Anyways, every person has his/her own choice to decide upon a life partner for the future.

As per the current trends, many adults prefer ‘Live in Relationships’ before being married to someone they love. In this mindset, it is more difficult for such a person to directly get engaged, or marry an unknown/untrusted one.

Are you also against an arranged marriage and you are looking for some help on how to get out of this? If your answer is a yes, then the following are some ideas that you can use to convince your parents not to force you to indulge in an arranged marriage.

1) Explain the Cons of an Arranged Marriage

Do you know someone in your family, friends, or known ones whose arranged marriage results in a big failure? If yes, then this can be a very effective way to make them think twice about tying your bond with some stranger for the rest of your life. You can also give them What-if examples, e.g., you can ask parents ‘What will happen if the arranged partner will not understand your feelings?’

2) Share your thoughts about what you are looking for in a Partner!

Parents generally have the habit of fulfilling the wishes of their dear ones right from childhood. So if you will tell them all the expectations or potential qualities that you are looking ahead to have in your ideal life partner. It could be the character, age difference, or anything else. In this way you will be clear on what you are looking to have in your partner and this could also make your parents a bit tough to force you for any relationship. Instead of telling it once, give them clues and slowly leak the information.

3) Take someone’s Help

If your thoughts match with any of your relatives or siblings, then you can make your job simple by taking his/her help. Ask that person to convince your parents to stop considering the arranged marriage for you. A good friend who is having a nice relationship with your family can also play the same role to a great extent. It would be good if you can first convince anyone among your Mom and Dad and take her/his help to lower down the effort. Make sure it won’t create any barriers between your father and mother. 

Bottom Line

Parents are the people who know us and our requirements better, they give birth or grow up. They can better tell what all things make you feel happy or sad! None of the parents want anything bad for their child by forcing them to Arrange Marriage!

Many people call it age or communication gap, but clear discussions can seek out any issues calmly. You should always have a good relationship and understand your parents.

Culture and traditions also entice them to think only about arranged marriage, but it can be sought out if your parents love you the most. So, if you are against the Arranged Marriage in every case and do not want to give it a try, then you can use the above tactics to convince them to not think about it!

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